Flight Info


Please note, arrival information is provided by each individual airline.

Reno-Tahoe International Airport cannot guarantee the accuracy of the flight information. For additional information, please call your air carrier directly.

Flight City Carrier Time Status
1260 San Francisco United 12:08 P Arrived
1216 Chicago-o'hare American 1:46 P On Time
6073 Los Angeles American 12:34 P Arrived
320 Atlanta
Los Angeles
Southwest 12:35 P Arrived
295 Denver United 12:35 P Arrived
1757 Grand Rapids
Chicago Mdw
Las Vegas
Southwest 12:55 P On Time
2239 Chicago Mdw Southwest 1:00 P On Time
1780 Boston
Kansas City
San Diego
Las Vegas
Southwest 2:00 P On Time
1727 San Diego
Las Vegas
Southwest 2:55 P On Time
6032 Los Angeles American 3:22 P On Time
5356 San Francisco United 3:42 P On Time
2219 Minn/st.paul
Las Vegas
Southwest 4:05 P On Time
2700 Orange County Alaska 4:10 P On Time
2257 Seattle Alaska 4:27 P On Time
2867 Long Beach
Southwest 4:55 P On Time
5393 Denver United 5:01 P On Time
2261 Los Angeles Southwest 5:05 P On Time
1356 Salt Lake Delta 6:29 P On Time
815 Washington-nat.
Las Vegas
Southwest 6:15 P On Time
1497 Dallas-ft. Worth American 6:04 P On Time
6033 Los Angeles American 6:15 P On Time
2255 Seattle Alaska 6:18 P On Time
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